Keep calm and Kickerr your breakfast

Breakfast is the king of all meals they say and it definitely feels that way after you’ve eaten one of the Mojo Kickerrs at BreadnPulp (even though the name of the combo reminds me of the supervillian Mojo Jojo..hehe). My friend and I stumbled upon this take-away/order-in outlet when we set out to discover a new breakfast place near Powai on a Sunday morning.

This is a new ‘breakfast-only delivery service’ startup by a few IITians and they offer a variety of healthy veg, egg and non-veg three-course breakfast options and the best part is their menu changes everyday. They even have their own website from where one can subscribe to their weekly and monthly packages which in my opinion is a superb option for those who are looking for healthy breakfast everyday. Each combo has 2 variants: Mojo (with salad) and Mini (without salad) with the milkshake/juice being constant in both.

Since we both prefer non-veg, my friend ordered Grilled Chicken Mojo and I would rate it 3/5 since the chicken was not as soft as it should have been but, the taste was good. I ordered Chicken and Cheese Omelette Mojo which was delectable (4/5). The sprouts salad was edible but not that great. The strawberry milkshake on the other hand was yummy, both of us liked it. We also wanted to try their chocochip pancakes since several users had mentioned about it in their zomato reviews and I must tell you it was toothsome (4.5/5).

From a price standpoint I feel it is a tad bit expensive for a breakfast meal averaging at about ₹150 for a non-veg Mojo Kickerr. Not everyone will be able/ready to spend so much each day for breakfast because the general mindset is to spend less for breakfast and more for lunch and dinner. Well I do not have fixed working hours so the subscription service may not be a viable option for someone like me but that being said, I will definitely be trying more of their offerings in the days to come. Keep serving ’em kickerrs everyday guys!

Update: Sunday, April 10th:

Shubham (one of the founders of BreadnPulp) was kind enough to offer me a discount coupon and using that I placed an ordered from their website. Chicken Picatta Noodles was an absolute delight and as usual the Chocochip Pancakes never stop to impress me. The Apple-Oatmeal Shake that came along with these dishes was wicked. I have never tried an apple milkshake that tasted so good.

By the way, you should check out their website, there is this cool feature called “My Foodiecalls” in which you can select several dishes of your choice from the entire list of options that they have to offer (and its a lot of ’em) and whenever that dish makes it’s way to the next day’s breakfast menu, you will be notified.

Keep up the good work fellas!

You can get more information about “BreadnPulp” from their page on Zomato

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