My Story about The Chicken Story

Disclaimer: This review is going to be “punny” (no it is not a typo).

As is true with any good story, it has to be compelling enough to catch your attention in the first few seconds and also leave a lasting impression in the end.

Similarly, the name of this takeaway/order-in place was so appealing that I couldn’t just ignore it. I felt an instant connect with this place because even my life’s story has a lot of chicken in it (good and bad with a lot of beef in between them)

And as every story demands, there is a hero and a villain. And then there are supporting characters too. But The Chicken Story being a multi-starrer, there are several heroes and villains and supporting characters. However, I haven’t got a chance to meet all of them yet but I am hoping I will sooner or later. For all those people who are still not able to follow me, let me put this in perspective:

Hero (Good Dish)
Villain (Bad Dish)
Supporting Character (Not bad but could be better)

These are a few of them I have met so far (in order of appearance):

Old-School Cordon Bleu + Mushroom Ragu + Herbed Mashed Potatoes + Peas: Definitely a Hero (I am guessing, the highest paid one). This was the first time I ever ate this dish and I have tried this dish at one other place (Rockville Deli in Vashi) but it wasn’t even close enough. I think this hero even has super powers because it can make you forget all your problems in an instant. Mushroom Ragu & Herbed Mashed Potatoes are its super gadgets.

Amritsari Butter Chicken Samosas: Supporting Character. These are the typical patti samosas that you can expect but there was nothing impactful about ’em. This character needs to buck up otherwise it will never get any recognition.

Blueberry Banana French Toast Rolls: Hero for sure and a very sweet one for that matter and also knows how to woo someone with its french skills (*wink*). A unique combination of blueberry and banana rolled up in one.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Fries: Supporting Character. I loved the taste of the smoky BBQ sauce but the pulled chicken tasted stale and the fries were soggy. It came, played it’s part and was off the stage in an instant and maybe no one will remember it. I think maybe sending in the fries separately could do the trick but who knows because the chicken also has to taste fresh after all. The story-writer has to try that out and see it if works.

Paaji’s Butter Chicken Khichdi + Kachumbar + Assorted Papad Bits: Villian and a nasty one. It tries to win your heart with all the buttery sweet talk and once you finally open up, it will rob you of your 299 bucks. And the minions (the assorted papad bits) had their own evil agenda by dripping oil.

Even though The Chicken Story proves to be a bit expensive, it has shown potential and never failed to deliver on time.

To be continued….

Find more information about “The Chicken Story” restaurant can be found on Zomato

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