Keep your eyes on this Horizon

There’s a famous saying by Clint Eastwood – keep your eyes on the horizon and your nose to the wind. But I say – keep your eyes on the horizon and your nose towards this horizon restaurant. Because their dishes smell delicious.

During my hunt for a new place to gratify my infinite hunger pangs, a friend of mine recommended this restaurant and I decided to have a go at it and to this day I am grateful to him.

A chat with the Saudi return owner revealed that he is very passionate about this restaurant and it shows in the way he treats his guests with such care. His motto is transparency and for this reason he has set up an open kitchen with just a wall of glass in between. He also takes pride in the fact that all the dishes on his menu are cooked in olive oil. Not a lot of restaurants choose to do this and this I feel is their USP. I also like the fact that sometimes he personally walks up to a table to check on the seated guests and to gather feedback.

This restaurant is known for their Arabic dishes and my friend had told me that people from Mumbai’s town area come all the way here to feast.

If you’re visiting in a group, try their signature dish – chicken khabsa rice because 2 to 3 people can easily eat one portion of that dish. The Chicken in this dish is grilled which gives it a unique flavour. Also, the garlic flavored sauce that’s served along with this dish is just too good to be true.

The Chicken Arabic biryani is also flavorsome with its uniquely sliced long pieces of chicken and so is the chicken/mutton pot biryani in which they cook the biryani on dum in a pot covered with dough/atta.

However, the dish that I relish the most is khabsa rice (without chicken) which is a famous Arabic dish of saffron flavored rice with chickpeas and dry fruits and it is best paired with either chicken or mutton bhuna (another signature dish of theirs). I have tried khabsa rice at several other places but nothing beats theirs yet.

I have tried their chinese starters and even though they taste good but in my opinion, it’s not their specialty. So stick to their Arabic menu and you will have a happy stomach for sure.

There’s one thing I never fail to order and that’s their signature “fruit champagne”. A delectable mix of a fizzy juice along with a lot of chopped fruits including pineapple, orange, apple and even pears with a hint of mint. It is to die for.

I have visited and ordered-in from this place several times and not even once have I felt that their quality has altered. But as they say, good things come to those who wait patiently, be prepared to wait patiently before your order is served because in the end it will be worth the wait.

More information about “Horizon” restaurant can be found on Zomato

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